RCSD Sends Postcards to Wrong Houses

Update is at end of story.

The Rochester City School District sent home postcards to families about the RocRead program. But it appears a large number of the RocRead cards went to the wrong houses.

The postcards offer free attendance to the August 15th Red Wing game if children read a book. The card has a form to fill out on the back that children can turn in at the game for two free tickets. The forms can also be downloaded online.

Maeve Cullinane received two RocRead postcards at her 19th Ward home.They were addressed to children she did not know. Her own daughter did not get a postcard.

"When I kept hearing other people also got multiple cards with multiple unknown kids, I just thought this is such poor organization," said Cullinane. "Whether it's a mailing company's error or the district's error, it just seems to me poorly mismanaged."

It's not clear how many families received postcards for the wrong kids. The Flower City Parents Network Facebook page only has 278 members, but 19 people posted they got cards addressed to children that are not their own.

One parent wrote, "3 cards here addressed to children who don't live here -- all with different last names."

Another said, "We received two with very similar first names, different last names. I wonder who will get ours."

The district apologized for the confusion on its Facebook page and said it is looking into the matter.

Update: The district said in an email it is sorry about what happened. "We also want people to know that any District student who reads a book and fills out one of these forms is eligible to attend the Red Wings game on August 15th. They can use one of the mailed forms, regardless of who it’s addressed to. Forms are also available at city libraries and online at rocread.com. For more information, people can call 324-READ (7323)."

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