Rally for Karen Klein at Greece Apollo Middle School

There was lots of positive energy at Greece Apollo Middle School Friday night. Just over 100 people gathered to show their support for Karen Klein and help bring an end to bullying.

Everyone was there to cheer on Karen Klein, but it was the bullied bus monitor who said thank you for the worldwide outpouring of support.

"I wish I could send each and every one of them a thank you note. I can't. I can't even get through my e-mails," she told us.

It was an opportunity to recognize her example of restraint in the face of abuse.

Senator Joe Robach was in attendance. "You handled this very challenging thing with class, compassion, dignity," he told Klein.

The rally drew many who are fed up with bullying.

"The whole reason I'm here is because I'm sick of everybody bullying. I've been bullied my entire life. We've all been bullied our entire life and what happened to Karen was unimaginably horrible," said Joshua Long of Gates.

Organizer Lloyd Ruffle's wife grew up next to Mrs. Klein. When he saw the video it disgusted him and he felt compelled to act. Everyone was given the opportunity to sign Monroe County's anti-bullying pledge. Ruffle told us:

"I hope that every person that takes one takes it seriously before they sign it and understands that they're putting their foot down and they're saying enough's enough."

Ruffle called this an opportunity to heal the community as well as Karen Klein. Michelle Klein, Karen's daughter spoke with us.

"It'll take some time to overcome this but she will, she'll get through it."

"I don't know if I ever will cry because if this doing good then I don't need to be sad about it," Klein said.

To view the Facebook link for the rally, sign in here.

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