Racing Rules Enforced at Local Racetracks

In the wake of the tragedy on the track in Canandaigua Saturday night, several local race tracks in our area are making changes. Some are penalizing drivers who get out of their cars during a race. Others are disqualifying them altogether. At the Sodus Microd Club in Wyane County, the rule has always been to stay in your car at all times, unless it's a true emergency.

Go-kart racing takes off at an early age. Racers at the Sodus Microd Club get their start as young as five years old. Danni Pierson is 8 now. She started in kindergarten.

"It's just fun to do, and like, it doesn't matter which place you finish in as long as you had fun," said Danni Pierson, racer.

Microd Club President David Heimes invited reporter Amy Young take a lap so she could experience what it's like to be in the driver's seat.

"The number one rule of the road whether you're a first time driver like me, or an experienced racer, never get out of the car," said Amy Young, News 8 reporter.

That's always been the rule at the Microd Club. If you break the golden rule, you're disqualified.

"No child is allowed, if they're out on that track at any circumstance, to be out of their car and have their helmet off at any time for any reason. And when a wreck happens, unlike that when they went around in a caution, we have a red flag and we stop eveyone," said David Heimes, Sodus Microd Club President.

Danni's father, Mark Pierson, is crew chief for his daughter. Racing is in their blood. Safety is a top priority.

"Mmmmm....It's kind of tough. But we've built the cars. And I've build racecars my whole life. I would rather have her in that race car, than physically driving a small car on the thruway," said Mark Pierson, parent.

The rules bear repeating before every race.

"About when we start, we have pit meetings and they tell you in the pit meetings just in case you are new to the track or something," said Jacob Gustafson, racer.

In hopes everyone crosses the finish line safely.

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