Race For Village Mayor Gets Personal

The Village of Webster spans a little more than two square miles.  It has charm, with small shops lining main street.  Tuesday, 5,600 village residents will chose a mayor.  What many thought would be a quite election has taken a different turn.  Incumbent Republican candidate Peter Elder, and trustees David Kildal and Christine Reynolds sent out a mailing with personal details of challenger John Cahill's financial and family records, "we were waiting for him to bring out those records himself we figured we'd give him the most time possible to bring that out for voters," explained Elder, "and the fact of the matter is he didn't, and the fact of the matter is he should have."

In a statement to News 8, Cahill said, "any problems of the past have long been settled.  Debts are paid, obligations are met."

Cahill says his past issues have nothing to do with the election, and he's troubled elder and the other incumbents would try to smear his name.  Cahill supports the switch to the Monroe County Water Authority because he says it's better quality water and the price wouldn't change.  His opponent disagrees, "the reason why we chose not to change it was because we refuse to double everyone's cost of water," said Elder, "when it's fiscally responsible to change the water supply we'll review it again, and we're going to constantly look at how we can improve our water for those residents who feel they need softer water."

Cahill and his slate of candidates are running on the slogan, "Fresh water, fresh ideas, fresh start."  He says Elder hasn't been transparent when doing village business and would like to see residents included in government.  Elder says the village needs stability, "we're doing really, really, well," explained Elder, "we're not going to just stand there and say, 'we'll we're doing great,' we're going to keep doing better."

The polls will open at 12 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, and close at 9 p.m.  The mayor's job is considered part time in Webster.  The winner of Tuesday's election will earn about $10,000 a year, and each village trustee will earn about $5,000.

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