- Two Brockport students are accused of forcing a puppy to drink beer. Now both are charged with torturing and injuring animals. 

A picture of the incident was sent through Twitter and went viral on the @SUNYPartyStory account. Many people did not think it was funny and a concerned citizen called police. 

"[I was] surprised mostly that someone did this, took a picture of it and that it's on the news now," Patrick Riley said.

Others voiced their concerns on Twitter and someone went to Brockport Police. 

"Obviously we were very concerned by that. We started to investigate; spoke with the person who posted the photo," Lieutenant Mark Cuzzupoli said.

Police say Robert Yates, 20, snapped the picture and posted it. They say it was taken at an off-campus home on Monroe Avenue in Brockport. Shane Oliver, 20, is accused of propping the puppy up to the keg. Both are charged with torturing and injuring animals.

"It's classified as an A [class] misdemeanor, which could be up to a year in jail," Cuzzupoli said.

The dog is five months old and is named Mya. She is at the Sweden town dog pound and is doing just fine. The courts will decide if Mya's owner will get her back. Meanwhile, Brockport students do not like the attention the picture is bringing.

"[It says] that college students are just crazy people that do stupid things," Jessica Herzag said.

"It's not at all what going to Brockport is like on a day-to-day basis and it's a bit offensive," Riley said.

Yates and Oliver could also face disciplinary action from the college. According to the college's Code of Conduct, the college can take action if a student is charged with a criminal offense off campus. Yates and Oliver are due in town court next month. 

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