Pizza Delivery Man Falsely Reports Homicide

- Hamlin, NY (WROC) - Eighteen year old, Mason Requa, called police Wednesday night to report he was the witness to a gruesome homicide.  Hours later, after the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, state police and border patrol spent hours searching for the alleged suspect, he admitted the story he told was a lie. 

According to police, Requa said he fibbed about the homicide because he was afraid of being fired from his pizza delivery job at Mark's Pizzeria in Hamlin for being late for a delivery.

Corporal John Helfer of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department said he provided a descriptive story including details of the suspects, the car, the alleged victim, and what the killers said to him.

"You don't report something false," attested Cpl. Helfer.  "You realize when you do that, you take a lot of recourses away, especially this type of incident he made up."

Requa is in Monroe County jail on $1,000 cash bail or $2,500 bond.

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