"Pizza 4 Patriots": Sends Troops a Slice of Home

 While many U.S. troops are coming home this holiday tens of thousands are still on the front lines serving in Afghanistan.   Pizzeria Uno is hoping to send them a piece of home.   The company is teaming up with the nonprofit organization "Pizza 4 Patriots."   They are hoping to send 10-thousand pies to troops in Afghanistan.  

"They do so much for us everyday that often goes unnoticed," said Brian Allen of Rochester.  Allen has family and friends serving in the military and didn't think twice when asked to support the program.  "Whether sending pizza, gifts or cards anything we can do to support our men and women in uniform is something I'm always in support of," said Allen.  The pizza will be sent to military bases on Superbowl Sunday and The Fourth of July.  "It's something that reminds them of home," said Ann Kabel, of Pizzeria Uno.  "The pizzas arrive with letters of appreciation to all the soldiers," said Kabel.

The pizzas are made in Boston, driven to JFK airport and flown to Afghanistan.   Locally, people can help and buy coupon books.  For five bucks you get $50 worth of coupons to use at the restaurant.  The money goes to the program to pay for supplies.   "It just helps them to get that extra boost of enthusiasm and patriotism to help them keep going when they don't think they can make it anymore," said Allen.   You can also donate online at Pizza4Patriots.com  

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