Pittsford Swimmer Makes History

- A Pittsford teen made history this month in a record-breaking swim.

PJ Ransford never stops competing.

"I tend to set really high goals," Ransford said.

He tends to smash those goals. This season PJ went head to head with a rival swimmer at states in the 500 meter freestyle.

"Every race is kind of different," Ransford said. "I knew he was going to be really quick for the first couple of laps and I was able to stay with him until the end when I was able to pull away."

"It's one of those inspiring races where you just know it's going to happen," coach Rick Schmitt said. "When he made his move the hair on the back of my neck stood up."

It was neck and neck as the crowd cheered.

"We had agreed if I was close at 400 out of 500 yards, then it would be an all-out spring for the last 100 and just try and win," Ransford said.

PJ's arm touched the wall in victory with a time of 04:21:06. That time beat the old 2009 record by three seconds. His coaches are not surprised.

"He decided at 12 that swimming was his sport, he didn't want to do anything but swim," coach Marty Keating said. "He has that determination to get it done."

PJ is now off to Michigan University to swim in much bigger waters.

"I think the only thing you can do is work hard and see where that takes you."

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