Pit Bull Attacks Toddler In Livingston Co.

- A family dog turned on its owner, sending a mom and her toddler to the hospital.

Livingston County Sheriff deputies say all of the family's pit bulls were fighting when the 18-month-old boy's mother made a frantic 911 call. It happened at a home on Groveland Hill Road. Deputies say one of the pit bulls attacked the boy, biting him in the face. Then a fight broke out between all three dogs. Neighbors say the family has had dogs since they were puppies and they were afraid of them. Two of the dogs have been put down.

"The third dog is still with a local vet undergoing care because it did receive injuries from the other dogs and they're going to make a decision, the family is going to make a decision, on the fate of that dog," Undersheriff Matt Bean said.

"We do get called in general for basic dangerous dog actions based on our relationship with our municipalities. So if a neighbor does call and complain we will respond to that I am unaware of any information that we have been to that particular residence," Livingston County Public Health director Jen Rodriguez said.

The boy, Zen Merkel, is in guarded condition at Strong Hospital. The boy's mother was bitten on the arms and wrists, but the injuries are not considered serious. 

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