Pierson Sisters React to Mayor's Ferguson Comments

Rochester, NY (WROC)--Fallen Rochester Police Officer Daryl Pierson's brother, Brett Pierson is standing by his Facebook response to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's comment.(Click here to read the comment)

Sisters Patty and Julie Pierson said they also stand by their brother's post.

Brett posted: "How can you stand at my brother's service and be allowed to speak and read some poem. Now you want to say how you are upset about how a jury of Darren Wilson's peers chose not to indict him."

Patty and Julie Pierson called the Mayor's post appalling and disgraceful, and called for Mayor Warren's resignation on Tuesday.

"To me personally, you're in an office. So yes, you have a right to your opinion. But, if you cannot uphold what it best for the entire community as a whole, you should not be in an office," Patty said. "I don't think Mayor Warren was representing the community as a whole. By her posts and comments on social media, she segregated the community. "

Both Patty and Julie Pierson worry Rochester police officers may be in harms way at Sunday's gathering at the Liberty Pole. The Mayor publicly supports the event and plans on attending. Patty and Julie said they plan on attending, too. But, they said they'll be there in support of police officers across the country.

Sunday's event begins at 1 p.m.

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