Picking Up The Pieces In Yates County

- As night falls in the Finger Lakes many people are spending the night somewhere other than their own homes.

Cleanup will be extensive and will take several days if not months, and more rain is in the forecast overnight. A quick rain in a short amount of time spelled disaster for folks in Penn Yann and Yates County.

"Lot of water, ain't the word for it," Penn Yan resident Guy Love said. "They should have opened more locks than they have now because they got another storm coming on Friday."

The American Red Cross is housing people at the Penn Yan Academy until homes damaged or destroyed by Tuesday's rains are liveable again.

"It helps me to help people to go back," Red Cross volunteer Joe Camilio said. "I get a kick out of helping people in solving problems. People in the event of an emergency are just so overwhelmed."

Area residents said it will take time to pick up the pieces.

"Water will move a lot of stuff," Ron Champlin said. "Fire electric, everything, wind, it's true. It can destroy a lot of things in just seconds."

Schools in Penn Yann are closed Thursday. The work will start early, the sump pumps will be going strong, and neighbors will continue to help their neighbors. 

For more information on the relief efforts and how to help click on the links below.

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