PGA Golf Balls

- It is a really interesting job. There are two crews- one morning and one evening. The work does not stop until every single player is off the area.

Starting at 7 a.m., the first crew goes out to the driving range to sort all of the golf balls that are hit by the pros. After the balls are taken off the driving range, they are cleaned through a machine. Then the golf balls are sorted by different braids. Each player has a specific type of brand that they always use. There are a total of eight brands, including Tiger's own special type of ball that is not hit by any other professional player. Then it is time to take the balls back to the driving range for the players to use again.

"There is nine of us on each shift and some of us sort, some of us run the picker, some of us wash the balls, it works out pretty well," golf specialist Doug Vanhourn said. "It's very exciting. We love it. We see all of the great players come through and it's a big deal."

Tiger Woods hits the Nike ball with the black numbers. They are customized for him. The other Nike balls with the red numbers are used by other pro golfers.

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