Penfield Puts Pressure on DEC over Foul Smell

- The town of Penfield is putting pressure on the State DEC to take action when it comes to the foul smell coming from a nearby rendering plant.  Neighbors are not backing down anytime soon.

This is not a new complaint, but Wednesday night there were some signs something is being done about the odor that makes living in one Penfield neighborhood unpleasant.  Steve Healey's backyard has a vista to die for, "So this is the view from our deck. It's beautiful but most days, especially during the summer, it comes with a smell you can live without. I don't know how to describe road kill other than rotten, rancid, putrid meat. You know, that's that's what it smells like."

 The odor is coming from Baker Commodities, a rendering plant that collects and recycles road kill.   For years there's been no odor coming from the plant.  But, for the past nine years it has stunk. "To describe the smell, it's like nothing you've ever smelled before. And it's hard to put into words. But if you think of a rotting meat that's being cooked. That maybe approximates it," said Bob Reid, Penfield. 

Bob, Steve and about 135 of their neighbors want something done about it . They've gone to the Town of Penfield, and the State DEC demanding action, "We also think there should be fines when they produce egregious odors and the company has never been fined," said Reid Wednesday night.  The Penfield Town Board reported back to the neighbors some of the steps the NYSDEC has taken to get to the bottom of the problem including several on-site visits to the plant to assess how to get rid of the smell, "We want to make sure that not only are the odors eliminated, the way they were before. But that there's a course of action in the future if this comes back. That it doesn't take nine years to solve the problem again," added Reid.

Neighbors say they will be back before the board until it's resolved.The board says for the first time in a long time it is seeing some progress from the DEC. It asked the neighbors to continue to be patient and put some faith back in the DEC. The board meets again about this issue September 3rd.

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