Packing a Lunch is Better for Kids at School

Sure, throwing your kids a couple of bucks for lunch as they head out to the bus stop is easy.  But it's what your kids are eating that can be a key to their success at school.

With just a few minutes of effort, you can pack a delicious, healthy lunch for your kid, whether they're in kindergarten or a soon-to-be graduate.

"I think the most important part for parents is to try to engage the child and find something the kid is going to eat during the day " says Donna Quinzi, a registered dietician with the University of Rochester.

This means that you have to find a happy-medium between foods they enjoy and foods that pack a healthy punch.

"You have to check in with your kids, we're a few weeks into the shool year and you can find out what Sally or Jimmy are bringing for lunch because you'd be surprised that kids talk about what they have in each other's lunch," said Quinzi.

Quinzi also says to avoid sweet drinks like pop or fruit juice.  Your best bet?  Low-fat milk or the old standby:  water.

And no kids, I'm not telling mom and dad to throw away all the cookies.

Quinzi reassured me that "It's not one cookie that's going to push someone over the edge.  It is important to include energy dense foods for kids, they burn off a lot of calories in a day.  One cookie is a great addition to the lunch, that's not a problem. "

With this week's Fit Kids report, Bob Metcalfe.

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