Outpouring of Support for Tyler Doohan Family

One by one community members poured into the Saint Nicholas Society to give their time and belongings to a little boy who gave his life for his family.

The community is still getting over the events of last Monday. Eight year-old Tyler Doohan was spending the night at his grandfather and great-grandfather's home in Penfield when he woke up to the sight of flames ripping through the house. He alerted his family and escaped but when he didn't see his loved ones behind him he ran back inside the home to rescue them. All three died in the house fire.

"I think we need to keep in mind the honor that Tyler had in that moment when he was faced with the greatest danger," neighbor Rosanne Fabi said. "We need to reach in our hearts and be our best selves through this."

That is what the community was trying to do Saturday by delivering clothes, food and home-goods to a family who has lost everything and is now faced with burying three loved ones.

"How scared he must have been its just tragic because they will never get over losing him," community member Pam Narsisian said.

Theresa Fiorica wanted to help Tyler's family pay for his funeral so she set up this fundraiser and an online fundraiser that received more than $60,000 from people near and far.

"I've got responses from Italy, the UK, I've had news people from London and a Brazilian talk show, it's been awesome the response we are getting from people wanting to help a family in need," Fiorica said.

Dozens of people who didn't even know Tyler or his family wanted to come out and show their support and that is proof that a tragic event only brings a community closer together. Nothing can replace what Tyler's family lost but it's comforting to know that they didn't have to face it all alone.

There will be another clothing and furniture drive tomorrow for Tyler's family. Those who wish to donate are asked to drop off items at the American Legion on Ridge Road in Webster from Noon until 5 p.m.

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