Outpouring of Support For Jim Kelly

- Signatures fill a larger than life card for former Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly.

"I'm booked all week with places for people to go to sign this card," said Mary Herbst, who is the Operational Director with the Rochester Razorsharks.  The Rochester Razorsharks will send the card to Kelly's bed side in New York City.  That's where he's being treated after his recurrence of oral cancer. 

"We have a lot of survivors that have signed this card, and I believe that hopefully Jim will get some great hope, and inspiration from it," added Mary.

Jim Kelly's wife, Jill, shares pictures on social media, showing the outpouring of support.  Gifts have all been sent from all over the country.  Now Jim Kelly is sending a special message; he's thanking friends and fans for keeping him in their thoughts and prayers in a video sent to "CBS This Morning."

"I'm very humbled that so many people took the time out to not only send me well wishes, but more importantly the prayers. That's what's going to get me through this, and and I have so many great people to thank, but then I'd be here all day," Jim said in the video.

Kelly's cancer has spread, and is currently not operable.  His wife Jill says the death of their son, Hunter, in 2005 has helped prepare Jim for this ordeal.  

"I think the struggle with Hunter has changed that man.  He's changed, and I think the struggle with Hunter is also helping him to get through what he's going through now, and the compassion that he has for people is being paid back to him a bazillion fold right now," Jill Kelly said.

You can sign Rochester's card for Jim Kelly all this week.  You can find a schedule of where you can sign the card here.

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