Our World Outreach Raising Funds and Awareness for Ebola

- Rochester, NY (WROC)-  "Just couldn't ignore what was happening," said John Oliphant, of Our World Outreach.  John first traveled to Liberia in 2012 to assess their health care situation.  Oliphant said, "I had a chance to tour around different clinics and hospitals and get to know providers that are there.  I just made a whole bunch of personal connections over there."  Those friends became more like family.  So, when Oliphant heard about the ebola crisis, he was immediately alarmed.

What Oliphant saw when he walked into one hospital in Liberia is only one pair of gloves for every doctor to use on all patients. "They had no masks, no gowns, no head covering, and one pair of rubber gloves," he said,  "That's just something in America we couldn't even fathom."

Phil Merriam is a native of Liberia and most of his family is still there.  "It's difficult..its very difficult...a lot of sleepless nights wondering about family members and friends especially wondering how they are doing," said Merriam.

Merriam and Oliphant have joined forces with John Backus to create a non-profit organization to help combat ebola now and into the future.  "Our World Outreach is a non-profit formed early this year.  It was formed with the goal of helping disadvantaged individuals both locally and globally to improve their standard of living and their overall lives," said Backus.

The organization's goal is to raise funds and awareness so even when the ebola epidemic comes to an end, the people of Liberia will never have to endure another crisis like the ebola outbreak ever again. 

For more information on Our World Outreach, please visit http://www.ourworldoutreach.org/

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