Ontario County Witnesses Wind Damage


In Ontario County some property was caught in the crossfire of last night's storm including one man's 6-month old car.

Tree limbs shattered the car's glass and dented its body at a home in Manchester.

The owner hopes insurance will cover the cost.

Across the street, Dave Luecke, had just one word for the storm.

Wild!,” he said.

"Willows are always a problem because heavy in water and fall over in the wind," said Luecke.

One street over, you may think you landed in Oz.

Rod Gennocro showed News 8 the damage.

His neighbor's shed was up in the air and several trees on both their properties was uprooted.

Rain was not the issue here.

"To have that kind of damage had heavy heavy winds and sustainable winds on top," said Rod Gennocro.

In nearby Farmington - a red barn sat deconstructed along Kyte Road.

"It was too much for the old building this time," said Hal Adams, owner of Black Brook Farm.

Adams said 30 of his cows were inside the century old building when it crashed to the ground.

"They were lucky the floor if the barn stayed in tact so they were okay," said Adams.

The major concern was this power line that came down across the barn, there was a concern that it might end up sparking a fire.

The cows were transported to Black Brook's main property up the road.

Adams says he will talk to a builder about adding on to his main barn.

He plans to demolish the old red barn.

Many customers lost power in Ontario County, but as of Wednesday night much of that had been restored.

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