One Week Until Park Avenue Festival

- It's one of the biggest parties of the summer and it's only one week away!

More than 200,000 people are expected to come to Rochester's trendiest neighborhood next weekend.  The festival spotlights the culture and diversity of the Park Avenue area.  With over 350 artists and vendors from across the country, there's plenty for everyone to do during the two day festival.
Bill Leonardo owns "Baker Street Bakery" on Park Avenue, and he says the festival is the busiest weekend for him.  "Just to get your name out there and hopefully have 200,000 people come through the street in two days means a lot," explained Leonardo.  "We just make a whole bunch of product - cookies, muffins - and bring it out front."

Festival Spokeswomen, Randi Minetor, said, "having this opportunity to showcase that neighborhood and all of the merchants here, all the restaurants, everybody who does business here, as well as the people who live here... it's a wonderful thing."

The festival runs all along Park Avenue from Culver Road to Alexander Street.  You can stop by next Saturday or Sunday.

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