NY Missing: William Zani


October is always a difficult month for Mary Anne Zani.  October 25th, 2005 was the last time anyone saw her ex-husband and father of her two children. 

"It's uncertain.  None of it makes any sense to me," she says.   

William Zani's car was found abandoned on the Walworth-Ontario Road.  Someone matching his description was seen walking south in that same area.  No one has seen or heard from his since. 

"I know sometimes people go into  fugue state of mind as part of amnesia and it's possible something could have happened to him in that way,"  says Zani. 

Mary Anne believes Bill is still alive and she thinks someone knows something about his disappearance.

"I believe he is a survivor," she says. 

At the time of his disappearance, Bill was working at Pliant in Macedon.  Mary Anne wonders if anyone he worked with might have a clue as to where he went.  Recently Mary Ann thought she saw Bill while watching a documentary about a soup kitchen in Cleveland, Ohio.
"It looked like his beard, button down shirt, baseball cap he used to wear and the way he moved at the table.  I did write to the sister and she said she would keep  close eye because people come in and out of these shelters and homeless places." 

The investigator working the case says his DNA is listed in a national database, but so far no new leads have developed.  

"Death is a closure, it's still grieving but this is complicated grief. In a way that's no knowing.   But we do have a face and lot's of support for us." 

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