NY Board of Education Grants RCSD More Time For East High Plan

- Rochester Board of Education President Van White received a letter today from the New York State Education Department.  The letter stated that additional time will be granted for the rochester City School District to develop a plan for the University of Rochester to serve as the Educational Partnership Organization (EPO) for East High School. The State Education Department is allowing the District another six weeks to submit the plan, which is due to be submitted by July 1, 2014.

Board President White responded, “This is exciting news not only for East High School, but for our entire community. We are extremely grateful to the University of Rochester for having the courage, capacity, and commitment to make a difference at East High School. None of this would be possible without the State having the wisdom and patience to give this community the time needed to put together a thoughtful and meaningful plan to put East High School back on track.”

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