Nguyen Trial Day 2

- News 8 has learned that the woman being tried in connection with the West Webster ambush sent text messages about the gunman on the day of the tragedy. 

In court today, Dawn Nguyen sat quietly as text messages sent from her phone on Christmas Eve, 2012 were read to the jury.  In them Nguyen said "I wake up at 9, see what's going on and know who's doing it."  She also said gunman William Spengler had been at her house a few weeks before the shooting.

Prosecutor Tim Prosperi had a Verizon representative read other texts sent from Nguyen's phone, saying "he's definitely had it planned."  The message also said Spengler's mom's obituary asked for donations to go to the fire department, saying "that definitely has something to do with why the firefighters got shot."

Another read "I never thought he would commit suicide," and went on to say Spengler was rich and quote, "I wonder what he did with all that money."

The defense's questions during cross examination dealt whether the Verizon representative can prove who actually sent the messages, saying "records don't indicate if someone's phone is borrowed." 

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