West Webster Firefighters React to Nguyen Verdict

Published 04/15 2014 06:05PM

Updated 04/15 2014 08:29PM

Ted Scardino still has the scars from that deadly Christmas Eve night. There are physical and emotional wounds that even a verdict can't erase.

Scardino stated, "Her crime was falsifying a a business record but in my mind she was a conspirator to murder. She provided the guns to a madman who killed two good guys."

Scardino along with other West Webster firefighters and first responders sat through this trial.  It took the jury about four hours to reach it's verdict.

"It's still not going to bring our friends back so that part is difficult but we re pleased that the case is over with and she at least will be held accountable for what was a really stupid decision."

Scardino hopes this verdict sends a message to others: that you can't provide weapons to people who shouldn't have them. A sentence up to four years isn't enough for him. "Unfortunately the laws today don't provide for a harsher penalty. Hopefully we can work on that and make it stronger."

Ngyuen also faces federal charges.

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