Nine More Livingston County Jail Employees Disciplined

Published 07/22 2014 04:36PM

Updated 07/22 2014 05:23PM

Nine more workers at the Livingston County jail are in trouble for falsifying time sheets.  Nine others faced criminal charges, but this latest group will be dealt with in-house.  The district attorney says they didn't commit a crime.  These workers swapped shifts in violation of policies  but no money exchanged hands.  Eight of them will receive 30-60 day suspensions.  Another worker was demoted.  The previous 9 who were arrested have either pleaded guilty or are still working on plea deals with the state.
The district attorney of Livingston County says this drawn out investigation has been difficult for law enforcement in the county and he says he'll be plenty happy after the final sentencing next month, "Well, it's a lengthy and significant investigation, I mean obviously when you're investigating county employees who happen to be members of law enforcement It's difficult and it's tough on anybody, but again we got to treat them like any other criminal in any other criminal case."

These new employees who were suspended were given the option to appeal but they chose not to.

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