Is The Daisy Flour Mill Haunted? Part 1

Long after the sun sets on the Daisy Flour Mill, and all the banquet guests have gone. Mike Aikens is tasked with the clean up. Usually he's alone. Usually.

"I had the sense that someone was standing behind me and when I turned around there was someone standing behind the bar."

Mike continued working while he says the man asked for a match.

"He looked like he was in his early 20's, dressed in a flannel shirt."

Mike had otherwise been alone in the building. When he turned around, the man had disappeared. Mike says it was like he vanished into thin air.

"It was a little nervewracking to think someone was there and then they were gone."

Legend has it the old mill, built in the 1850's, is haunted. Over the years Mike says he's experienced paranormal activity.

"I was walking passed the stairwell and I saw a black shadow going up the stairs."

And it couldn't be explained.  

"There's some myschevious things going on around here. But, there's nothing to scare. Not scary," says Chris Steubing, owner of the Daisy Flour Mill since 2005.

He has his own ghost stories to tell.

"We were standing in the ballroom when we heard this blood curddling man scream coming out of the kitchen area."

But when he and the employee check the kitchen no one was there.

Incidents like that prompted a call to the Monroe County Paranormal Investigations.

"We then took that information and set up our equipment in those areas to try and caption evidence in those hot spots," said Rob Pistilli, founder of the Monroe County Paranormal Investigations.

The team monitored the mill for close to five hours. And what they found, well that part of the story will have to wait.

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