Morelle Remains Hopeful About Dream Act

By News 8

Published 03/21 2014 04:36PM

Updated 03/21 2014 06:43PM

Although the Dream Act was turned down by the Assembly, Majority Leader Joe Morelle remains confident.

The New York State Senate rejected the bill that would open up state tuition assistance for students staying in the country illegally. The 30-29 vote came short of the 32 votes needed to pass. Morelle says he is still hopeful it will pass. 

"I like to say about certain issues it's not a matter of if but when. I think this is one of those cases where there will come a time where children that are undocumented, but came here when they were one or two years old, that have gone through the public school system don't have to say that's far enough. You got your high school diploma and you can't go any further," he said.

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