New York State Fighting Against Giant Hogweed

- If you come in contact with the sap from giant hogweed, your skin will become extremely sensitive to the sun.  If you then scratch the effected area and then touch your eyes, that's when things can get bad.      

That's why the 12 or so technicians who spray herbacides to eliminate these plants wear plenty of protection.  These workers have been on the front lines in the battle against giant hogweed for years and they say the spraying and cutting is working.   Jeff Fridman, DEC Field Technician, said, "There are some larger sites left in the state that we don't know about yet but the vast majority I think we've found as far as the big sites go."

CBS news has 8 facts you need to know about hogweed.  You can find that here:

New York State also has a web page with information on what to do if you come into contact with giant hogweed.  You can find that here:

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