New York Minute: January 7th

- The cold winter weather is to blame for a transformer fire in New York City Monday.

Cell phone video taken just minutes afterward show flames and smoke pouring out of a manhole and shooting up at least 12 feet high, just a block away from Radio City Music Hall. Melted snow combined with salt shorted out the transformer. About 1,500 people were evacuated from the building closest to the fire due to high levels of smoke and carbon dioxide. No one was injured during the fire. 

The headline "Who Didn't Want Him Dead?" has the family of a slain Brooklyn man calling for an apology from the New York Post. The post article was about Menachem Stark, a 39-year-old landlord who was found dead in a trash bin on Friday. The New York Post article paints Stark as a slumlord with a long list of enemies. Stark's family members say his killing has been glorified instead of being condemned. They say they remember Stark as a father of seven and a generous community man. 

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