New York Minute: December 31st

- You will not get to ride a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park for much longer. These rides could soon go away for good. New York City Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio wants to put a stop to the tourist-fueled practice, saying they are not humane. It is not just riders of the horse-drawn carriages who are upset. The drivers are also concerned what will happen to their jobs. De Blasio hopes to replace the carriages with antique electric cars, which he says could provide jobs for current drivers. 

A week after their Christmas presents were stolen, an act of kindness from complete strangers has restored the Gonzalez's faith in humanity. After the Gonzalez's home was broken into, Kelly O'Bryan saw their story on the news and wanted to help. On Sunday night, she stopped by the Gonzalez home with her boyfriend and made a surprise delivery- a stack of Christmas gifts for the family. Dora Gonzalez says while visiting with her friends, the robbery seemed like just a distant memory. After this story aired, even more community members reached out to the Gonzalez family.

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