New York Minute: December 30th

- Time Square's famous New Year's ball got a makeover in preparation for New Year's Eve festivities. Workers replaced nearly 2,700 individual waterford crystal triangles of various sizes. The ball gets new crystal panels every year, but this year's ball is a little different. It is the first in a planned 10-year series of crystal designs with the theme "greatest gifts." Each annual addition will illustrate a global aspiration. This year's theme is the "gift of imagination," and includes one special crystal designed by a young cancer patient at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. With more than 600 LED lights inside, the new ball is capable of creating more than 16 million colors. 

Clearing up storm debris from Hurricane Sandy sounds like grueling work. But for a New York landscaper, that day on the job brought a life-changing moment. In October of last year, Marvin Rosales Martinez found a scratch-off lottery ticket in a pile of leaves. Turns out the ticket was worth $1 million. But Rosales Martinez could not prove to lottery officials that he was the rightful owner of the soggy ticket. By New York Lottery rules, he had to wait a year to claim his prize. Saturday, he finally took home his cash payout of $779,000. 

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