New Ads Fuel Fight for the 25th District

The mud slinging continues as the fight for the 25th district draws on. On Wednesday, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter both released another round of ads.

In her latest ad "Shameful," Brooks is staying on the attack calling slaughter's campaign "sleazy."

It's all about airing, what she calls, Slaughter's dirty laundry. The ad talks about Slaughter voting for pay raises, taking "lavish" European trips and ends saying "Louise Slaughter, not for us anymore." 

Slaughter's camp struck back with a statement from campaign spokesman Eric Walker, "... Maggie Brooks is trying to cover up her record of scandal and corruption with special interest money and deceitful attack ads ..."

However, the congresswoman's new ad "Jobs" takes a different approach.

"I opened doors so that companies in Monroe County can keep our men and women in the military safe," Slaughter says in it.

She's banking on years of service and recommendations from supporters.

"Look Times are hard," said local worker Ted Zubil in the ad. "Without Louise Slaughter's help Natcore and other companies wouldn't be here."

On November 6 we'll know which strategy works best, when voters decide who gets to lead the way. 

News 8 is hosting a debate in the race for the 25th congressional seat. Representative Slaughter and County Executive Brooks will face off in a debate sponsored by the Rochester League of Women Voters. The debate will run on Tuesday October 30th at 7 pm on News 8.

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