Nazareth College Honors Vets

On Monday, Nazareth College opened its doors to veterans and their families. It was an emotional day for those who fought for our freedom.

"You must never forget. You must understand why we have veterans and what they represent for the lifestyle we live, our freedoms and all the pleasures in life are all associated with what veterans have done over the years," said Veteran Patrick Cammilleri.

Veteran Patrick Cammilleri served in the United States Army from 1961 to 1966. He was sent to Berlin when the wall went up. He says it's an honor to stand next to his fellow veterans.   

"It means a lot in the sense of remembering. Not only remembering but honoring. Always remembering veterans day is everyday not just one day a year, said Cammilleri.

Members of the Patriot Guard showed their support for vets like Patrick. One of it's youngest members, 11-year-old Jacob Schuster, held his flag high.

"It means to me supporting the troops, not forgetting who died and knowing that we are standing here and supporting them today," said Schuster.

The 11-year-old hopes to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and join the military one day.

For veterans, the day of remembrance holds a special place in their heart that they will share with all veterans and those who are serving now.

"It's like coming home. You never forget your service. You never forget the men you served with and the women you served with," said Cammilleri.

Nazareth College has an Office of Veterans Affairs. Their goal is to help vets on their road to success after returning home from war.

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