Mr. Boston Takes On 43rd Marathon

- You may have heard of David Coyne. Some say he's Mr. Boston.
On Monday, The Avon resident will run his 43rd Boston Marathon. His first time around, back in 1969.
"I got started then, got out to Boston, and started the marathon but never finished. I learned some respect for the 26.2 miles that year." Coyne says.
Two years later, Coyne says he conquered Boston and finished the marathon for the first time. But it was last year, that changed his life forever, the 2013 bombings that killed three and injured hundreds. Little did Coyne know that a leg injury would save his life.
"I got out there and started running and at 14 miles, my calf knotted up so I slowed down and as it turned out, it might have been something that possibly saved my life because I never finished," Coyne explains.
The bombings are something that has made Coyne more determined than ever. More than 20 local runners are heading to Boston, all part of the team, "South of the Thruway Runners."
"I love to run and it's always a challenge to run Boston because you have to qualify and a lot of my friends have qualified on some years and some years they don't," Coyne tells News 8.
David Coyne says he's been training for the past four months, now he runs six days a week leading up to the big day.
"It's going to be different, it's going to be a race that means a lot to America and we are going to go back and prove they can't stop the marathoners, and that it's going to go on. Life is going to go on," says Coyne.
Coyne and 36,000 runners, all Boston Strong.

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