Moreland Commission Impacting Cuomo's Approval Rating

- A new poll out shows the issues with the Moreland Commission are impacting Governor Cuomo's approval rating.  In a recent Marist college poll, Cuomo's rating has fallen to 53%.  That's the lowest since he took office in 2010 and down from 58% a month ago.

Cuomo set up the commission last year to investigate reports of public corruption.  Reports say he shut it down after he learned those close to him were being investigated.

While visiting Canandaigua yesterday for the North Shore project, the governor spoke about the commission, "The U.S. Attorney in NYC now is looking into the operation of the commission and I think that should be respected and I don't think public dialogue on the matter is helpful right now and we'll let him do his work."

The governor also said the reason he hired a criminal defense lawyer is becuase of all of the back and forth with the U.S. attorney's office.

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