More Charges Filed Against Nunda Music Teacher

- The Keshequa School District is trying to cope with a difficult situation.
Music teacher Danielle Conner Willowglade was arrested again, and today faced Irondequoit Town Court.
She's accused of stealing and selling her students instruments to feed her drug addiction.
Patricia Coon, grandparent of a student says "that's the sad part about it they try to teach kids about heroin and they have a teacher doing it."
The charges keep piling up on Willowglade. She and her boyfriend are facing several felony charges including grand larceny and possession of stolen property.
According to court documents, Willowglade sold more than 25 instruments to both West Ridge Traders Pawn Shop and Hollywood Treasures Pawn Shop over the course of a year.
The instruments cost between $300-$700.
Denman Coon, grandparent of an elementary student tells us, "I don't understand why someone didn't discover it before since she had stolen so many items."
The district is working to turn this negative situation into a positive. Students have been working hard for months, making posters and getting ready for the opening night of 'Alice and Wonderland.'
Teacher's Assistant Peggy Colombo says their school will stick together and get through this. "It's been hard on the kids and community but I think this is one of those things that they would love to see on the news because it's a positive, it's a good thing."
The district says Willowglade has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the criminal investigation.'
The Nunda community is helping raise funds for the stolen instruments. So far they've raised more than $700 through an online campaign.

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