Monroe County Helps Victims Of Human Trafficking

- Dozens of young people are victims of human trafficking here in Monroe County.

The county and Center for Youth are working together to connect them with services. Vanessa Herring explains how they're also working to raise awareness about the problem.

The county is trying to connect victims of human trafficking with support agencies. 106 victims involved, or at risk of trafficking have been identified over the last 18 months.  This is a clip of a video made to raise awareness about human trafficking. The center for youth and the county teamed up with RIT to create two videos that will be distributed throughout the community. Advocates say everyone should be aware of the problem. "People are saying this isn't going to happen in my home in pittsford or my neighborhood in pittsford or wherever and it could and it probably is and so that's why I think there is a broader audience and getting just those moments of awareness so people are at least thinking about it," County Executive Maggie Brooks said.

The videos will also be available online.

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