Military Family Hasn't Stopped Serving

Jason Kourts spent four years serving in the army. After being deployed to Bosnia and Kosovo he's back home and still serving, as an E.M.T. for Rural Metro, "being in E.M.S. is like being in the military it's a way of life either you're built to do it, or you're not," explained Jason, "it's really, it's a personality, it's within the individual person."

Jason's wife Candice also has the spirit of service. She was an Air Force fire fighter. Now she works alongside her husband saving lives, "it's kind of who we are and you have to be a special person to want to continue any kind of service like this because it's a very selfless service," said Candice.

Married for six years with two young boys, the military family says the, "thank you's," they get on Veteran's Day mean a lot, "I come from a long line of vets, my brother, my father, my grand fathers, my husband," explained Candice, "so to me it's a way of people showing their respect to those that do give the ultimate sacrifice we have friends that have not come home and we have friends over now." Jason added, "a simple thank you, and I do I get it from a lot of my friends especially this time of year, it's heart felt and it means more to most of us than I think people realize."

The couple says the camaraderie in the military is second to none and on this day they also thank their fellow service members.

Rural Metro partners with the Veteran's Outreach Center to help service members with medical training find jobs.

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