Meet the "Fossil Fellas"

- They call themselves the Fossil Fellas. When you visit their garage museum in Canandaigua, you'll see more than 700 fossils.

There's a $1 admission fee. 14-year-old twins Ian and Devon Underwood, 13-year-old Isaiah Smith and 12-year-old Dominic Vigneri are the Fossil Fellas and young Anthony, he's the museum body guard. They held a grand opening at a garage sale in July.

Every week, the kids, along with Fossil Fella dad, Steve Underwood, go out on expeditions.

The fellas research fossils on the internet, in books and there have been a lot of questions for their science teachers.

So far, they've collected more than $120. They'll use the money on a summer trip next year to discover more fossils.

The Fossil Fellas will open their museum Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week on Park Avenue in Canandaigua.

For more information, you can call Steve at 393-9696.

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