Mayor Tom Richards Kicks-Off Re-Election Campaign

The race for Rochester mayor heated up Saturday.

Mayor Tom Richards formally kicked off his campaign, hoping to win his first full term as mayor.

But he has a challenger within his own party - City Council President Lovely Warren.

His re-election campaign kicked off in front of the Dr. Walter Cooper School #10.

It was a deliberate move.

"Education is part of it and that is why we chose this place," said Mayor Tom Richards, (D) Rochester.

His opponent for the democratic line city council president lovely warren has already come out with an education platform.

She wants an Office for Educational Accountability and more Pre-K.

"My platform is not just about the city school district, but all the children, whether you are in a charter school or private school," said Lovely Warren, (D) Mayoral Candidate.

Mayor Richards doesn't want change but focus.

"I believe that stability is important, throwing these new plans in there every six months, two years is a mistake, we need to keep a superintendent need to stick with him so he has a chance to make a difference," said Richards.

Richards and Warren used to favor mayoral control but both say it's no longer in the cards.

Warren says unlike Richards, her focus is on neighborhoods -

His supporters think differently.

"Traveling a few miles north from here you will see the voters bloc community project where created 100 housing units with Susan B. Anthony as an inspiration and you tell me Mayor Richards is only concerned with one end of Main Street," said Jackie Ortiz,

"With jobs in general and developing the city. The city looks a lot better in a lot of places, where I grew up look a lot better now," said Milus Lane, a union worker.

Richards is running on his record.

"I don't have to invent platform, I have a whole list of them that I have been working on and I am going to continue to do that," said Richards.

Warren is running as a choice for city voters.

"I believe that everyone no matter their income, no matter their age, sexual orientation deserves representation and I plan on representing all people," said Warren.

"I am not looking for a way to divide us I want us to work together and that is how I am going to win," said Mayor Richards.

A primary will be held in September.

The other candidate running for mayor is Alex White, who is on the Green Party ticket.

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