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- Enough is enough.  The State Liquor Authority is fed up with a nuisance bar, pulling the owner's liquor license.

"The Authority received information that shots fired incident occurred over the weekend on July Sixth.  In this incident, a Rochester police officer observed a suspect who fired four or five shots into a large crowd of Captain's Attic patrons," according to the State Liquor Authority.

The Authority says Rochester Police have been called to the night club nearly 250 times over the last year for shootings, fights, and other violent assaults.  Bouncers told the Authority the owner told them to ignore occupancy requirements, packing the bar beyond it's capacity.  Officials say a weekend shooting was one of the last straws.

"As a result of this incident, the crowd became highly agitated and fled the area into an extremely disoriented and unsafe fashion," said the State Liquor Authority.

The city is working to protect patrons on Rochester's East End, asking the owners of Magic City night club to voluntarily close for a few days.

"If Magic City decides that they will accept our offer, that we will work with them, as well as with the neighborhood association, to try to develop a model that could possibly help them be successful," said Mayor Lovely Warren.

The owners of Magic City will respond to the city's request on Monday.  Mayor Warren says she's also working to develop a mentoring system to equip bar and club owners with the tools they need to keep their customers safe.

"Help them be successful by working with someone or some people that have been successful in providing these services previously, so part of them is to have them look at the business model, the security, your plan for bringing people in, how are you checking them when they come in the door, how many people do you have on staff,"  Mayor Warren said.

Warren hopes club and bar owners will take advantage of the help before it's too late. The owners of Captains Attic are entitled to a hearing to appeal the Liquor Authority's decision.  Captain's Attic will remain closed through the appeal process, if the owners choose to pursue that option.  The owners of Magic City are expected to respond to the city's request to voluntarily close for a few days on Monday.

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