Managing care of your aging loved one

By Ed Greenberger, THELAW.TV

As people grow older, they often are not able to manage their own care. Frequently, loved ones such as children or grandchildren are called upon to take control of an elderly person's care. That could mean anything from managing that person's finances to choosing an assisted care facility.

Unfortunately, these arrangements can create all kinds of problems. "Elderly people have always been targets of scam artists who are looking to take advantage of people who might be too old to defend themselves," says attorney Martin Sweet of legal information website THELAW.TV (

Here are some potential legal problems:

Theft - This is a very common occurrence and, in many cases, the thief is a close relative.

Power of attorney issues - This often happens to an elderly person who is living alone. A scam artist gains the trust of the person and has him sign over power of attorney.

False romantic relationships - These scam artists, often called gold diggers, are younger men or women who pretend to be in love with an elderly person to earn their trust and benefit in some way.

Sibling issues - Things can get sticky when there's money involved, especially when one sibling cares more about protecting his inheritance than making sure his parent gets 

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