Major Winter Storm: Travelers Prepare

A major winter storm is bearing down on us and we'll be in the thick of it just as holiday travel gets underway.  It is quiet now but this is what's known as the calm before the storm.  Whether you're driving, flying, or traveling by train.

The trip over the river and through the woods is going to be tricky beginning Tuesday night.  That's why Esther Hutt is glad she left today to see her grandchildren in Chicago for Thanksgiving.

"We're very happy for that.  We're coming back on Saturday and hopefully that'll be alright too," said Esther Hutt, Marion, Wayne County.

Justin Roh hit the jackpot too.  He left tonight for a job interview in Newark, New Jersey.

 "I feel lucky that the interview just happened to be scheduled tomorrow.  Cause otherwise if it was scheduled any other day, I wouldn't have been able to make it because of the flight schedules," said Justin Roh, Rochester.

The airport director says all systems are go here when it comes to the airport's snow removal plan.  The airport moves from three shifts to two, ensuring more employees are on the clock at all times to handle the snow.

"As far as the runways, taxiways, that's our responsibility.  And we sweep them.  We don't actually use any chemical on the runway if we can possibly help it.  Because we don't want to ice to form.  So we push the snow aside and then we blow it further on," said Mike Giardino, Airport Director.

Road crews are prepping too.  Salt and sand is at the ready at highway garages around the county.

"We're ready to go.  We've got about 250 people on staff for the seven county region.  We've got about 109 pieces of equipment.  You know, plow trucks, plow scrapers and blowers and things like that.  And we've got plenty of de-icing material and road salt on hand," said Lori Mahar, New York State Department of Transportation.

Air travelers are advised to call the airline ahead of time before heading out to the airport and arrive in plenty of time before your flight.

If you're on the roadways, the same rules apply, leave early and drive safely.

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