Magic City Agrees to Shut Down for 30 Days

- A Rochester nightclub is shutting down for 30 days.  Magic City agreed to the mayor's request to voluntarily shut down. 

Magic City did not have to do this.  The mayor asked the nightclub owner on Friday to temporarily close.  The mayor said Robert Monteneri agreed to shut down for 30 days.  During this time, he will get mentoring and assistance from other east end business owners.  The goal here is to prevent any incidents of violence or nuisance problems.  A man was recently stabbed inside the Magic City and two men were shot after they left the nightclub. 

Mayor Lovely Warren said, "They're going to voluntarily shut down for a minimum of thirty days and go through a process of mentorship.  We're working on with the Commissioner of Neighborhood Development Del smith as well as east end business owners.  So, we're hopeful we'll be able to develop a business model that will be successful for Magic City and for the rest of our community."

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