M3S Moves To End Contract With Navitech

- Monroe Security and Safety Systems (M3S) is terminating its contract with Navitech, although questions still remain over why. 

"We haven't had a meeting with Dennis Vacco but we'd be happy to meet with him if he'd like to talk to us about it," M3S chairman Hank Stuart said.

Attorney Dennis Vacco was hired by Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks to review local development corporations M3S and Upstate Telecommunications (UTC). Vacco found irregularities and recommended that both LDCs cut ties with Navitech. But his review has not been made public. Stuart says even the M3S board has not seen the report yet.

"The only knowledge that the board has that I'm aware of is the indictment that was unsealed a week and a half ago," he said.

"If the county has not shared what it knows about the irregularities with this board, that is just malfeasance," Democratic legislator Paul Haney said.

The county has said it cannot share the internal review because of the criminal investigation. Stuart says this contract termination will have no impact on public safety. After all, M3S' contract with Navitech centered around buying public safety radios and equipment for the county. They also believe it will have no bearing on county taxpayers. But Haney disagrees. 

"One party can't just throw up its hands and walk away. The other party is going to demand separation payments," he said.

Stuart say M3S is working with Navitech's attorneys to mutually agree on a contract termination. It remains to be seen when that agreement will be reached or what it will entail. Meantime, Monroe County Public Safety Director David Moore has been appoint to the M3S board. He sits as the sixth volunteer on the board tasked with keeping M3S in good standing. 

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