Lyme Disease Cases On The Rise

- Health officials say there have always been ticks in our area, but more of them are becoming infected with Lyme.  Now, officials are ramping up their prevention effort with the use of signs that tell how to prevent getting Lyme Disease.

Signs were sent to nearly 100 summer camps in our area, and the county parks department will also post them.  Health officials say the number of reported cases of Lyme Disease is going up because more ticks in our area are infected with Lyme.  They say one of the best ways to protect yourself is to always check for ticks after spending time outside.

"If you do find it and remove it, your risk of contracting Lyme is really almost nil.  It takes probably between one to two days for a tick to stay attached to you to be able to transmit Lyme,"  said John Ricci of the Monroe County Health Department

Symptoms of Lyme Disease are flu like, accompanied by a bulls eye rash at the bite site.  If you experience those, you should call your doctor right away. 

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