Lt. Governor Bob Duffy Will Not Run For Another Term

Political drama ahead of the election season, and Rochester's own Bob Duffy is at the heart of it.  Tonight published reports indicate Duffy will not run for another term as Lieutenant Governor, but questions on the subject met quick denial from the Governor's office. The Democrat And Chronicle is reporting Bob Duffy today sent Governor Cuomo a letter saying he won't seek re-election. Tonight the Governor's office says it's not true. The D-And-C is standing by the report.

Regardless, it looks like Bob Duffy won't be in Albany come the first of the year. Four years ago Bob Duffy was a rising star on the New York political scene, selected by Governor Cuomo as his running mate. During his election campaign Governor Cuomo said, "The more the people of this state see him, he is just going to blow them away. he was fantastic as the Mayor of Rochester." 

Since then the former Rochester Mayor has steadfastly supported Cuomo every step of the way, But a year ago the first signs Duffy may have had enough of Albany. When Rochester Business Alliance CEO Sandy Parker announced she was retiring, Duffy's name was at the top of the list as her replacement. Tonight the Democrat and Chronicle reported Duffy announced his decision not to seek re-election in a letter to the Governor.

A spokesman for the Governor's office, Matt Wing tells News 8: "The D&C article is not true. No letter was sent. The D&C is taking the article down."

In response, D&C Editor Karen Magnuson tells us: "We stand by the story.  We are not pulling the story." Duffy has been an Albany outsider from the beginning. Tonight Albany insiders are reporting Duffy will not be on the ticket. Fred Dicker, the political analyst for Albany CBS affiliate WRGB says: "Governor Cuomo is certainly expected to dump Bob Duffy."

Dicker expects Cuomo to announce a replacement the week after next. We are certainly going to hear more about Bob Duffy's future in the coming days. And while no offer has been made to Duffy for the RBA position, that we know of, the timing would be perfect for Duffy to come home.

Matt Wing called News 8 later in the day and recanted his statement.

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