Lollypop Asks For Help To Care For Horses

- Lollypop Farm is seeking donations to help care for its latest batch of rescued horses.

The animal shelter is now caring for an additional 15 horses following an animal abuse investigation in Sodus.

It costs about $30 per week to feed one horse.

That does not include the veterinarian and staffing costs.

"When we take in an extra number of horses like this our costs of care increase dramatically and it leaves us scrambling to try to figure out how to afford all of the costs," said Adrienne McHargue, spokesperson for Lollypop Farm.

Volunteers have been coming forward, but the facility also needs donations to help with efforts.

It has set up a fund that will go directly to the rescued horses.

"You always want to try to place them as soon as possible, but rehabbing an emaciated animal takes some time," said Joanna Dychton, farm manager.

If you would like to help, you can contact Lollypop Farm here.

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