Local Soldier Reunited With Family

SSgt. Kellie Buchanan couldn't hold her tears back as she, and several fellow soldiers, headed into the Greater Rochester International Airport.

When she got to the door she dropped her bag and raced to her three children.

SSgt. Buchanan left Rochester in September to serve as a supply sergeant in Southern Afghanistan.  This is her first time seeing her family in 11 months, "when she walked out and the kids grabbed her that's what got me, that's the hard one, that's the tough part," said SSgt. Buchanan's husband, Robert.

SSgt. Buchanan and her husband say technology has been both a blessing and a curse during her deployment, "I was able to see my oldest graduate pre-school, I was able to see birthdays, birthday parties," explained SSgt. Buchanan, "at least once a week I face timed with them."  Robert added, "there was some heart ache with the technology because you could see things you couldn't be at, for her especially missing birthdays and pre-kindergarten graduation."

SSgt. Buchanan also brought something back with her, a pin that has become a good luck charm for her family, "it went to the Persian Gulf with my son, he was in the navy and he gave it to me, and now I give it to Kellie to take with her and she had to bring it back to me," explained SSgt. Buchanan's grandfather, Paul Laney.

The Buchanan's can't wait to enjoy their time together, "doing nothing, just sitting an being a family," explained Robert, "just being together, maybe just taking a drive or something like that, just something nice."  SSgt Buchanan added, "spend time with my kids I mean that's pretty much all, as much time as I possibly can with my family."

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