Local Senior Center Seeks Public Support to Stay Open

- The Senior Center at the Community Place of Greater Rochester serves up to 40 seniors every day.  It's a lifeline for
residents of the Parsells Ave. neighborhood of Rochester, offering everything from daily meals, to health screenings,
exercise class, and recreational activities.  But the Center is in danger of closing because of a budget crisis.  Traditional funding
has either been flat, decreased, or eliminated altogether over the last two decades.  Although grant money closes some of the yearly
gap, by April of this year, the center will still face a $20,000 budget deficit.

The Senior Center is already considering going to a lunch-only program.  Supporters say the loss of
CPGR's Senior Center puts the low-income, at-risk population in further danger of missing out on necessary services.

That's why they've launched a campaign for donations.  It's called "Campaign for 200."  To keep the senior programs available,
they're hoping 200 people will each donate $100, but they'll take any gift to help them get to their goal of $20,000.

If you'd like to learn more about the Community Place of Greater Rochester and its Senior Center, click here.

To donate, click here.    Please note Campaign for 200.

Or you can send a check to 
The Community Place
145 Parsells Avenue
Rochester, NY  14609
ATTN:  Katy Allen

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