Concerns over possible repeal of ACA heard at SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo college democrats hosted meeting over ACA repeal concerns

Rochester, N.Y - Wednesday night in the Newton Lecture Hall at SUNY Geneseo, people fearful the Affordable Care Act would be repealed told their stories.

One of those was SUNY Geneseo sophomore Hannah Garty, a type 1 diabetic.

"A lot of kids I’ve talked to feel strongly about getting their message out there that we really need a plan that will support us,” Garty said.

Garty helped organize the event inside the lecture hall with a group she's part of, the College Democrats.

The group invited healthcare professionals and even republican representatives like Congressman Chris Collins to hear what they had to say.

Congressman Collins was not in attendance, but others were, like former candidate for New York’s 133rd assembly district Democrat Barbara Baer.

"If the ACA is repealed, there are five thousand people directly impacted, which is a ripple effect with families and others,” Baer said.

That’s five thousand people in Livingston County.

Republicans trying to repeal the ACA argue it limits choice and forces some to buy insurance that doesn't fit their budget.

But SUNY Geneseo sophomore Wesley Ebersole said experience convinced him the benefits of Obama care outweigh the potential costs.

"My family was hit with some pretty bad times my mother aunt and grandmother were all diagnosed with various forms of cancer within two years of each other,” Ebersole said.

Ebersole says his family are covered through employers, but he can't imagine what would happen if they depended on the ACA and it was suddenly gone.


“It could have been devastating,” Ebersole said.

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